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Hallo-Week 2021

Can you believe the spooky season has come and gone already!? We certainly hope everyone had a fun Halloween this year and that you all got your share of tricks and treats!

To celebrate the holiday, we hosted our “Hallo-week” in which students and staff came dressed in their amazing costumes for their lessons! Each student who came dressed in their costume got a piece of Halloween candy and had their photo taken for our social media. We were so thrilled with everyone’s outfits that we just had to make a photo gallery to show off your incredible looks!

We also celebrated the season with a staff pumpkin carving party! We had such a blast creating our adorable designs right here in the Northside studio (even with the messy clean up). Check out our creations and comment below letting us know which pumpkin is your favorite!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Hallo-week! You made our Halloween so special with your stellar costumes and excitement for the season. Until next year!


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