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Now through October 13th
50% OFF your first month
$0 Registration Fee
when you book one of the last few violin spots with Mr. Catalin using the button below!

We've got a GREAT deal for all of the budding violinists out there! Mr. Catalin has been so excited about all of the new students he's met so far this fall that he can't wait to get his last few spots filled and instill the love of music in as many students as he can.

Book your violin lessons now before all of the spots run out!

See how much you'll save!

Private Lessons


$168/month ($42/lesson)

for 30 minutes

$240/month ($60/lesson)

for 45 minutes

$312/month ($78/lesson)

for 60 minutes


$84/month ($21/lesson)

for 30 minutes

$120/month ($30/lesson)

for 45 minutes

$156/month ($39/lesson)

for 60 minutes

Registration Fee: $30

Registration Fee: $0

*Promotion for FIRST month of lessons ONLY. Following months will resume the standard rates.

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