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Natallia L • Piano Instructor

Natallia has been teaching in the United States for 17 years, after moving from Belarus where she earned her doctorate in music from the Belarussian State Conservatory in Minsk. She is a well-rounded musician and teacher, whose expertise is in conducting- meaning that she plays and teaches many instruments, and fully understands the depth of music theory, music expression, and music instruction.

Natallia loves teaching students of all ages and she offers a perfect combination of warmth and structure with her teaching approach.

Miss L. seeks out from every student, exactly what will inspire and motivate them, and then she designs her lesson programs accordingly. She enjoys teaching classical repertoire, popular music, and everything in-between.

Teacher and supervisor at the Belarussian College of Music & Art, Assistant conductor of the New North Shore Chamber Orchestra in Evanston, IL, Des Plaines School of Music, Private lessons instructor for students of all ages for over 20 years.

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