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Mariana Z • Piano Instructor

Mariana is a classically trained piano instructor with 5+ years of teaching experience, strong work ethic and dedication to the students. She has a strong understanding of the subject matter and can communicate that knowledge to students in an engaging way. Mariana thinks that mastering the piano requires a tremendous amount of coordination, hard work and dedication, but all this cultivates many useful mental skills and really focuses the mind. Mariana began her musical education in piano and accordion in Ukraine at the age of 8 and after many years of devoted learning got her Diploma with distinction. Her Bachelor’s she got from Ukraine as well. She continued her musical journey in Chicago, where she earned her AFA with a concentration in Music Education from HW College and got a Certificate and Illinois State Music Teachers Association Merit Award from Rosevelt University in AIM Exams. She attended numerous music festivals with a concentration on classical piano with world-renowned professors and pianists like Efrem Briskin, Peter Vinograde, Michael Davidman, Massimiliano Mainolfi where she was performing solo as well as in chamber music groups. Mariana has been performing in Indian Boundary Cultural Center, Fine Arts Building, St.Volodymyr School of Ukrainian Studies. She’s been teaching private piano lessons to the kids 4+ years old as well as adults, group piano classes and choir classes at Chicago Public Schools.


“The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind.” - M. C. Mena

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