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Jeremy D • Administrative Assistant

Jeremy is your friendly neighborhood administrative assistant, technophile, and video game enthusiast. Although he doesn’t have a formal education in music, he did play a little bit of the piano when he was younger and likes to sing and dance when nobody is watching.


He attended the University of New Mexico studying radiology and business and worked mostly in customer service and administrative positions throughout his years. He started working from a very young age and worked in many different industries all of which have been attributed to his unique character and skill set today. Jeremy’s main hobbies are computer programming and writing fiction but he loves to learn new things all the time and tries to make time for video editing, photography, and graphic design.


He never really had the opportunity to explore more musical passions in his youth but understands the importance and power of music. Music has always been a strong motivator and solace for him and he hopes to support those who wish to pursue their musical journeys. Please feel free to stop by anytime and say hello, he is always happy to connect with you and help with any needs you may have!

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