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Cole B • Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Cole B. is a musician and music producer from Rockford, Illinois who graduated from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in 2018 with a degree in Jazz Studies and Spanish Literature. He plays a wide variety of music studying classical and jazz styles and performing electronic music. He has taught guitar for 15 years and plays guitar, piano, bass and ukulele.


Cole has amassed a following on social media of over 100k followers on 2 social media platforms that showcase his original work, music education, and live performances. Cole recently toured in Spain and performed at the largest guitar store in Europe. Cole performs 185 times a year throughout the world. He also is working on his 7th album “Made in Madrid” that will be available on Spotify and all streaming services. Cole enjoys sharing his passion with music with young aspiring musicians through the form of teaching.

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