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Aerim K • Piano Instructor

Born in South Korea, Aerim K. started playing the piano at the age of seven. After elementary school, her family left Korea and lived in Thailand and Laos. Aerim has adopted various cultures and languages through her experiences living in these different countries throughout her life. Moving to Chicago, she earned her Bachelor of Music (BMus) in piano from the Moody Bible Institute, and now she teaches and plays in Chicago to continue pursuing her piano career.


Having started to give private lessons and providing piano accompaniment in highschool, Aerim has continued teaching and accompanying at different schools, studios, choirs, and churches. She is the former president, faculty assistant, and accompanist of the Moody Gospel Choir, and although she learned classical piano for most of her life, she also enjoys playing jazz, gospel, and pop music as well. As a previous music theory tutor, Aerim desires to teach students about the hidden beauty and meaning of music’s background and history. One of Aerim’s strengths and hobbies is sight-reading!

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