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Walker L • Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Walker L. is a guitarist, producer and signed recording artist who has been teaching for 3+ years. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Walker began his musical journey by teaching himself jazz: deconstructing and reconfiguring horn and piano solos on the guitar in order to understand the music he loved. He was accepted and played in the jazz ensemble at LA’s prestigious Colburn school before moving across the country to study at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.


At NYU Walker’s fascination shifted from jazz to songwriting, producing and performing. He began to self-produce, write and engineer music alone in his bedroom. During his sophomore year of college he signed a record deal with a subsidiary of Warner Records. He began releasing music which as of now has earned him over a million streams on Spotify. He just closed his second record deal with Majestic Casual, the largest independent music curation service in the world. He also gigs regularly in Chicago as a pop, rock, r&b and jazz guitarist.


While at NYU, Walker began to teach guitar informally to other music majors. His teaching practice grew organically over time and by the end of undergrad he was commuting across Manhattan / Brooklyn to teach students of all ages. His autodidactic process has informed a unique teaching style that emphasizes both technique and creative expression. Students learn to digest a broad range of musical forms and reinterpret them in service of their own creativity.

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