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Beginner: Saturdays from 11-11:45am

Beginning Musicianship is designed for young musicians interested in developing greater fluency at note and rhythmic reading. This course provides the foundation for students to start their own musical adventures. Students learn treble and bass clef, rhythmic reading, time signatures, and are also introduced to important composers in the classical canon. Beginning musicianship supplements the work that is done in private lessons allowing for faster student development. Enroll today to lay the foundation for a solid musical education.

Northside Music Academy’s new children’s choir is the perfect opportunity for your child to sing loud and proud while building musical skills. Not only is singing in a choir just plain fun, it’s also a wonderful way to make friends, be a part of a team, explore other cultures through music, and build important life skills. Sonore Children’s Choirs will challenge singers with engaging, quality repertoire performed at the highest musical standard. We are looking for committed and enthusiastic singers to join us for an exciting semester of music-making that will culminate in a summer concert this June. The program is directed by our talented Miss. J!

guitar class
Guitar Beginners

The basic elements and steps followed in private lessons are presented in this class but you also get to share your enriching musical experiences with other aspiring guitarists. The class is open to ages 6 and up and will cover music notation, classical guitar technique that can branch out to other music styles, popular tunes ranging from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Ode to Joy, to modern classics like Star Wars and Iron Man. 

Saturdays: 12pm-12:45pm
Tuition: $72.00/month 
Instructor: Zachary Empkey
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