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Free Violin Class 

This class is deigned for complete beginners and will introduce the students to basic elements such as posture (bow hold, violin hold), sound production, few fun beginning songs. 

Mondays: 6:00pm-6:45PM • from October 15th to November 19th 2018 (6 weeks)

Ages: 7 to 14

Tuition: Free

Instructor: Alin Cernaianu

Few Guidelines:

  • for beginners

  • registration is required. The class is completely free but since availability is limited we need students to register 

  • students must be committed and attend all 6 weeks of class

  • for children with ages between 7 and 14

  • students need to have their own violin. If you don't have one let us know and we can help you rent one

Guitar Beginners

The basic elements and steps followed in private lessons are presented in this class but you also get to share your enriching musical experiences with other aspiring guitarists. The class is open to ages 6 and up and will cover music notation, classical guitar technique that can branch out to other music styles, popular tunes ranging from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Ode to Joy, to modern classics like Star Wars and Iron Man. 

Saturdays: 12pm-12:45pm
Tuition: $72.00/month 
Instructor: Zachary Empkey
Ukulele Beginners 

Ages 4.5-6: Tuesdays • 4:45-5:30pm

For the young musician, our beginner ukulele class incorporates visual cues, music and movement, music fundamentals, and games. Fundamentals of music and uke technique will be taught through a variety of traditional and popular music, with a focus on learning chords and strumming patterns.  Parents are encouraged to accompany their child for a better learning experience.

Ages 7 and up: Tuesdays • 5:45-6:30pm

Ukulele is perhaps one of the most trendy and versatile instruments today and it's a great intro into the world of plucked string instruments. It is also a great instrument for musicians of all ages due to its small size and ease of playing. Fundamentals of music and uke technique will be taught through a variety of traditional and popular music, with a focus on learning chords and strumming patterns. 

Tuition: $72.00/month
Instructor: David Ladon
Musicianship and Theory

Beginner: Saturdays from 11-11:45am

Beginning Musicianship is designed for young musicians interested in developing greater fluency at note and rhythmic reading. This course provides the foundation for students to start their own musical adventures. Students learn treble and bass clef, rhythmic reading, time signatures, and are also introduced to important composers in the classical canon. Beginning musicianship supplements the work that is done in private lessons allowing for faster student development. Enroll today to lay the foundation for a solid musical education.

Intermediate: Thursdays from 6-6:45pm

This is a course designed for musicians who have experience in clef reading and rhythmic notation. Theory class helps students understand the building blocks of the music that they listen to and play in lessons. The skills developed in this class help students become more proficient in their instrument and improve general musical knowledge. Intermediate Theory covers topics such as time signatures, key signatures, rhythmic dictation, intervals, and scales. Enroll today to hear what music is made of!

Tuition: $48.00/month for students enrolled in private lessons with us
             $72.00/month for all other students
Instructor: Dr. Daniel Baer

Northside Music Academy is providing music lessons for following Chicago neighborhoods: Edgebrook, Wildwood, Sauganash, Forest Glen, Jefferson Park, Mayfair, Norwood Park, Edison Park as well as the suburbs of Skokie IL, Niles IL, Park Ridge IL, Morton Grove IL, Lincolnwood IL.

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