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Contemporary Voice, and Performance Lessons 


With these lessons the student will learn to sing in contemporary styles like (but not limited to) pop, rock, RnB or musical theatre. I will provide specialized vocal warm ups depending on the genre they are most interested in, as well as determine their vocal range and provided song suggestions based on that. These classes will provide the tools to improve on singing technique, breath control, and tone. All promoting a healthy and powerful vocal technique that is tailored to the students voice, and musical interests. This class will have more focus on the performance side singing, rather than theory. 

Song Writing Lessons 


These lessons are for anyone interested in writing songs, no matter the experience level. I will provide a fun, creative environment, for the student to express themselves, while also teaching them the basics of song writing. This class would be ideal for students who have been taking instrument lessons, and would like to try something new. 

Students will be expected to sing in this class, but the focus will be less on vocal performance, and more about using your voice as a tool for songwriting. This class can also include some focus on vocal performance and technique, this is up to the students preference. 

Songwriting is a great way to get students more interested in the music that they are playing, and is a useful form of self expression. Songwriting is also a great career avenue to explore, for musicians. 

Learn to Accompany Yourself


Learn to sing and play at the same time! Whether you're interested in guitar, ukulele or piano. In these lessons I can help with self accompaniment techniques, as well as provide tips on proper vocal technique. These are not specifically lessons on the instrument, the main focus of the class will be voice. Students will receive all the same vocal training that my contemporary voice lessons provide. These are great classes for anyone who has been taking instrument lessons, and would like to try singing as well. Self accompaniment is a great skill to learn, for musicians and vocalist alike. It has many applications, such as preforming in a group, solo performance, or songwriting.

Lessons Schedule: Tuesdays: 2:00PM to 9:00PM

Lessons Fees: $35/30 min, $50/45 min, $65/60 min

Call us at 773-455-6363 to book your preferred time slot!

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