Christian Hughes • Percussion Instructor

Christian Hughes is a percussionist, composer and educator based in Chicago, IL. Christian has performed in a wide variety of settings, from orchestral to chamber music to solo. He has been fortunate to study percussion under David Herbert, Principal Timpanist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Eric Millstein, Percussionist with the Lyric Opera and Grant Park Orchestras; and Ian Ding, Percussionist with the Fulcrum Point New Music Project. Christian has also undertaken several years of compositional study under Dr. Christopher Wendell Jones. An avid supporter of contemporary music, he has premiered over 20 pieces by professional and student composers alike.


As an educator, Christian believes that while structure is important, each student must be addressed as an individual with his or her own needs, desires and interests. Additionally, he recognizes the importance of seeking inspiration and guidance from real musical examples and not just books and exercises. Above all, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping people achieve their goals.


Christian enjoys playing and learning about a wide variety of music, from jazz to classical to ethnic music and everything in between. His favorite composer is J.S. Bach and his favorite drummers are Brian Blade, Jack DeJohnette and Jojo Mayer. Aside from music, Christian enjoys learning about psychology, exploring new cuisines and watching car racing.