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About the Violincello

The violincello, or ‘cello for short, is the second-largest instrument of the string family and is played sitting down with the instrument resting between the knees on an endpin. While it has a low, rich, singing voice, the most advanced players can play almost as high as a violin. Like the violin and viola, the cello is most commonly played by drawing a bow across the four strings. Some of the earliest music written (and most well-known today) for solo cello are the Six Suites by J. S. Bach. Unfortunately these wonderful compositions were lost for much of the cello’s history. So, like the viola, the cello spent many years of its life as an orchestral and chamber instrument, only re-making it’s solo debut late in the 19th century in a concerto by Czech composer Antonín Dvořák. Today there are many famous cellists that tour the world as soloists, including Yo-Yo Ma (playing in the video below).   

What should I expect from private cello lessons at Northside Music Academy?

The cello instructors at Northside Music Academy will create a personalized program based on each student’s developmental stage, personal characteristics, and goals. Our stings programs are built based on the Suzuki Method and students will start with learning the cello and its parts, learning how to hold it with a relaxed and healthy posture. Later, focus will move on good tone production and ear development, advancing the technique, learning music notation and theory, developing sight-reading, all through a variety of fun and some familiar pieces that students enjoy playing. 


What levels do you teach?


Northside Music Academy offers private cello lessons to students of all abilities. Our instructors are experienced at teaching students from beginners to very advanced.

Who are the teachers? 


All of the cello teachers at Northside Music Academy are professional musicians with degrees from reputable schools such as Northwestern University, Eastman School of Music, DePaul University, and Roosevelt University, among others. We carefully select our faculty not only for their strong musical background, but also for their dedication and passion for teaching music. All of our faculty are trained in pedagogy and experienced in working with younger generations.


What is a good age to start cello lessons?

Students must be at least 5 years old to enroll in private cello lessons.  


Do I need a cello?

Yes, you will need your own cello for practicing at home and you will need to bring it with you for all following lessons as well. We recommend renting a cello (which costs about $25/month) and we can guide you through the process. We advise you against buying and instrument online without first consulting your teacher. 

Do you offer performance opportunities for the students?

Yes! Northside Music Academy hosts student recitals twice a year at churches and libraries around the Edgebrook-Sauganash neighborhood. We also offer opportunities to perform in professional venues throughout the city, such as Mellenium Room at the Chicago Cultural Center, Curtiss Hall in the Fine Arts Building, and the Recital Hall at PianoForte. 


At Northside Music Academy we believe that performing often is a very important aspect of a music student’s development. It teaches students how to present themselves in front of an audience, boosts self-confidence, and offers opportunities to share the joy of music making with others. In addition, performing at Northside Music Academy recitals provides students with the opportunity to learn by watching their peers as well. 


How can parents track their child’s progress? 


There are many ways parents can track the progress of their child in music lessons. Talk to your child’s teacher about attending the lessons and participating in home practice sessions. If you are not able to attend the lesson or your child is older or more independent, check in with your child’s teacher before or after the lesson to hear how the session went. Some of our families have found success using daily or weekly practice tracking charts. If you think this might be a good fit for your child, talk to his or her teacher. 


For dedicated students who are interested in tracking their progress in a more formal way, we encourage preparation for a standardized graded testing program such as Achievement in Music exams, Royal Conservatory Method exams, or ABRSM exams.

Lessons Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs: 2:00PM to 9:00PM

                                         Saturday: 9:00AM to 3:00PM

Tuition: $148/month (weekly 30 min private lessons)

                $212/month (weekly 45 min private lessons)

                $276/month (weekly 60 min private lessons)

Tuition is charged monthly and there is no long term commitment.

A one-time $25 registration fee is charged at sign-up.  

Looking for cello lessons “near me”?

We’re the top choice for cello lessons, serving Edgebrook, Wildwood, Sauganash, Forest Glen, Jefferson Park, Mayfair, Norwood Park, Edison Park as well as the suburbs of Skokie IL, Niles IL, Park Ridge IL, Morton Grove IL, Lincolnwood IL.

Call us at 773-455-6363 to book your preferred time slot!

Northside Music Academy is providing music lessons for following Chicago neighborhoods: Edgebrook, Wildwood, Sauganash, Forest Glen, Jefferson Park, Mayfair, Norwood Park, Edison Park as well as the suburbs of Skokie IL, Niles IL, Park Ridge IL, Morton Grove IL, Lincolnwood IL.

Northside Music Academy | 6736 N Loleta Ave Chicago, IL 60646, US | | 773-455-6363

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