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Ahhae S • Piano Instructor

Ahhae S. came to the State after earning her bachelor’s degree in Piano in South Korea. She got her first performance certification at Judson University with Dr. Sojung Hong and a master's degree in music from Northern Illinois University with Dr. William Goldenberg. Now, she is pursuing second performance certification in NIU. 


Since she began studying the piano, she has taught all level students from 6-year-old to adults. Now, as well as teaching group piano classes in NIU as a teaching assistant, she is teaching students in the Suburbs. She believes that learning the piano can help students express their thoughts and feelings freely and comfort themselves. Also, the teacher's role is important to make students enjoy music in their whole lives. 


In addition to it, she has numerous accompanying experiences; she has accompanied divers choirs, recitals, juries, and competitions. Especially she accompanied the vocalist, choir, and instrumentalists in NIU and Judson University as a graduate assistant.

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